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Some Important Steps In My Life

BECOMING A CHRIST-FOLLOWER  As a child my parents forced us to attend church occasionally.  It seemed boring and irrelevant.  A friend invited us to another church where I understood the message and people seemed excited about Jesus.  After a couple of months of hearing the Bible taught, on September 24, 1972, I responded to a traditional "walk the isle" invitation and Pastor Harlan Rahilly showed me how to accept Christ as my personal Savior.  I was baptized a few weeks after I made that decision.  It is a decision for which I am eternally grateful.
DAILY TIME WITH GOD  In September of 1977 at Berean Christian High School (Walnut Creek, CA) during spiritual emphasis week, I made a covenant to spend time with God everyday.  It is a commitment I have endeavored to keep to this day. 
CALL TO MINISTRY  From childhood, I had planned to be a lawyer.  In 1978 at a high school chapel, we were urged to ask God to show us how He could best use us.  I began doing that on a daily basis.  God began bringing ministry opportunities to me that confirmed my spiritual gifts.  Situations and ministry opportunities arose where friends, family members, and even people I did not know would say, “You should be a pastor.”  God continued to use His Word, my prayer time, and other circumstances to draw me.  Soon God made it clear to me that this was how I could best serve Him.  I first declared it publicly at a youth camp in July of 1980.  That is a calling and decision I have never doubted. 
COMMITMENT TO LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT  The early part of 1994, I met Dr. John Maxwell who had a dramatic ministry affect on my life.  Through his materials, seminars, and personal contact, I realized that I needed to develop disciples for Christ and leaders for the ministry.  Since then, I have made it a practice to develop men through one-on-one discipleship, prayer partners, and leadership training.  I have also committed to continually develop my own leadership and pastoring skills.