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My Personal Life Principles

As a high school student, I was encouraged to formulate some guiding life principles.  After many hours of thought and prayer, I came up with these.  They have remained a reference point to me to this day.


1. I will cultivate my relationship with God at all costs.  My mission in life is to know God, be sensitive to His will and the Holy Spirit’s direction.
2. I will faithfully spend time in God’s Word and prayer.
3. I will be a student of God’s Word, follow and obey it, and to strive to see life from God’s point of view.
4. I will approach the Bible without preconceived notions.
5. I pupose to identify with Jesus Christ at any opportunity both verbally and in my actions.
6. I will accept myself as God made.  I will strive to correct areas which need improvement and view unchangeable physical "flaws" as reminders that I belong to God.
1. I will work to make my marriage fantastic.
2. I will pray everyday with and for my family.
3. I will do my best to be a helpful, loving father, and spiritual example, to my children.
4. I will avoid actions and words that might embarrass my wife or children and I will be courteous and thoughtful to them.
5. To the best of my ability, I will manage and invest the money God provides in order to be a security for my family and a significant help to my children.

1. I will dedicate my life to reach the lost, equip believers, and lovingly shepherd those to whom God calls me to minister.
2. I will have a grateful, servant’s spirit in ministering and will strive to be effective in ministry through influence, not solely through a position.
3. I will weekly seek ways to improve my preaching.
4. I commit myself to excellence in the ministry.
1. I will work to keep my conscience clear before God and others.  I will resolve conflicts quickly asking forgiveness when needed, and offering forgiveness quickly to others.
2. I will quickly admit when I have made mistakes and will take measures to correct them.
3. I will do my best to never be a “stumbling block” to others.
4. I will guard against legalism and legalistic attitudes.
5. I will be honest in all business transactions.
6. I will obey the laws of the land to the best of my knowledge and ability.